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  • What is #TravelCooler Network Directory?

    We help cooler travelers easily find the best & committed sustainable experience & accommodation providers. We curate them under our #TravelCooler network directory that is FREE OF CHARGE!

  • How does this help sustainable tourism providers?

    Our #TravelCooler community grows bigger every day as our goal is to enable one million travelers to travel sustainably with or without us. By joining our directory, you will get:

    • Exposure to the right kind of travelers
    • Perfect marketing touch point
    • Brand image improvement
  • Am I eligible?

    Our requirements are simple. You need to demonstrate that your business has a dedicated program, commitment, or innovation that makes positive impacts on at least two out of three pillars of #TravelCooler, which are:

    • Travelers’ wellbeing
    • Environment
    • Local community
  • How much does it cost?

    It is FREE OF CHARGE. We want sustainable tourism providers and travelers to stick together and make a big wave of #TravelCooler that makes travelers FEEL GOOD & DO GOOD for themselves, the people, and the planet.

    But in case you want to help our mother NGO, CarbonEthics in decelerating climate change, you can commit with your management to plant mangroves for every booking! You can contact them here

  • I want to join the #TravelCooler network directory!

    Hear, hear! We love you already. Our team will need to have a look at your business before deciding whether to put you in our directory or not. This process can take between 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity of your business.

    Please get your evidence ready and fill in the form below!