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Indonesia’s bustling capital city Jakarta has plenty to offer. This cosmopolitan is home to over 10 million people hailing from all walks of life, making the city diverse and exciting. A city steeped in history, it is one of Southeast Asia’s oldest cities. From Sunda Kelapa, an important trading port in the fourth century, Dutch colonial era Batavia, to the present Jakarta, the city is ever-so-dynamic and will never fall out of vogue.

Jakarta has witnessed rapid urban growth over the past few decades, illustrated by the towering modern skyscrapers strewn across the city as well as modern infrastructures. Holdovers from Indonesia’s colonial past stand in stark contrast among these state-of-the-art buildings as a constant reminder of Indonesia’s impressive progress as a country.

A stone’s throw away from the sleepless city center are the Thousand Islands, a chain of islands located in the north of Jakarta. It makes for a perfect recreational area to take a breather and momentarily escape Jakarta’s dizzying buzz.


Jakarta lies on the northwest coast of Java, Indonesia’s most populated island. It adopts the Western Indonesia Time (WIB) (GMT+7).

Is it for me?

If you think of finding a place where you can strike the perfect balance between work hard and play hard, then Jakarta is for you. Not only is the city Indonesia’s most influential cultural, administrative, and business hub, it is also a short trip away to the Thousand Islands and neighboring towns and satellite cities that offer you perfect places for respite, such as Cisarua in Bogor.


What is the food like?

As a cosmopolitan, Jakarta is culinarily diverse. You can find all sorts of food in Jakarta that suit your needs and desires. For a local touch, you must try traditional Betawi cuisine such as Soto Betawi and Kerak Telor – Jakarta is definitely the heart of authentic Betawi cuisine! If you’re a foodie, you will definitely love Jakarta’s culinary wealth.

Can I fly directly to Jakarta?

Yes! Soekarno Hatta International Airport serves domestic and international flights.

What show should I not miss?

There are plenty of shows and festivals for you to see throughout the year. From concerts, traditional festivals, religious festivals, art festivals, and more. One of Jakarta’s largest festivals is the Pekan Raya Jakarta, or Jakarta Fair. It is also Southeast Asia’s largest annual fair. The fair is to commemorate Jakarta’s anniversary, taking place for one full month, from June through to July every year.

When is the best time to visit?

As Jakarta has a tropical climate, you can expect it to be pretty much stable throughout the year. That being said, visiting Jakarta any time of the year is fine, but we’d say that the dry season (May-September) is the best time to visit Jakarta as temperatures are not too high and humidity starts to drop in the city.

What local custom should I pay attention to?

Jakarta is