5 Educational Field Trip Ideas Near Jakarta

Being present and learning things at school are important, but getting hands-on experiences outside school is also essential. Let’s take a field trip as an example.

Field trips are good for students as it provides new insights through real life experiences. This lets them learn by doing instead of just paying attention to class. 

However, coming up with field trip ideas can be challenging. It can cause a few headaches for some teachers as they need to make sure that it incorporates the current curriculum. Afterall, the goal is to make the learning activities to be truly beneficial.  

To help you plan the school field trip easier, we have curated five most educational field trip ideas in Jakarta, Bogor, and Bandung. Moreover, it comes with a package recommendation that will help you to arrange the field trip effortlessly. 

Let’s start with the easiest one!

Holding A Pottery Workshop

What’s so great about pottery?

First of all, pottery making could be the perfect medium for students to improve their focus. Students tend to get quiet as they begin to work on their clay. This will help them become more mindful, present and engaged with any task they are working on.

A pottery workshop or class usually provides two techniques. The first one is using a potter’s wheel. This is quite challenging as students will learn how to take the wheel on their own. 

Letting students use this technique can improve their fine motor skills. This skill helps students work on their ability to write, paint, craft, color things more neatly, etc. Weakness in fine motor skills would decrease their capability to complete basic tasks. 

Field Trip - Pottery Wheel
Sumber: Earl Wilcox di Unsplash

The second method is hand-building. This is truly a hands-on experience for students as they will get to stretch, pinch, and even slab the clay to achieve the form they have set their heart on. 

Hand-building method is more flexible than the potter’s wheel one. If students don’t like the form they have worked on, they can simply roll the clay back into a ball and make another one! It is easy, fun, and helps students boost their creativity skill.

Field Trip - Hand Building
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Our Pottery-Making Workshop offers you these two techniques. We usually let our clients decide for themselves, but would be very happy to discuss more about what’s more suitable for you and your students. Have a chat with us through here.

Planting Mangrove Around Jakarta

Educating students about the earth we live in is essential. You do not want to limit them from being aware about what is happening in the ‘real-world’. 

To give students a better understanding, start involving them in activities that take good care of our nature. For example, planting mangroves. 

Now, some of you are probably wondering, why mangroves?

Well, mangroves are magic. Planting mangroves can help restore the health of our lands, seas, as well as climate. These remarkable trees are able to help the earth live longer in a better, healthier state. 

Planting mangroves for a school field trip is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for the students. This can improve their personal sense of empathy towards nature and help them appreciate it more. 

Moreover, planting mangroves is also considered as EE (Environmental Education). EE will help students to become more responsible for their actions, especially when it directly impacts the environment. 

Field Trip - Mangrove Planting

Our Pulau Harapan Mangrove Planting Trip is not only about planting mangrove. You and your students will enjoy a nursery visit while learning about environment and climate issues. Worry not, it won’t be a textbook kind of learning. Our climate session is an audience-based tailor group discussion that stimulates curiosity and understanding of the climate. We also provide a fun climate game that makes our guests reflect on their daily life and how they can turn them into climate actions. 

This trip will involve mangrove planting that is assisted by our specialized tour guides and local farmers to maximize the best experience and make sure you plant mangroves properly to ensure their growth and survival. Our guests will experience the amazing fun mangrove planting in the beautiful blue beach of Pulau Harapan like no other mangrove sites in Jakarta.

Kindly get in touch with us to discuss how we can make this wonderful field trip happen for you and your students!

Visiting an Organic Farm

You reap what you sow, they said. 

In this Bogor Organic Farm Field Trip, you get to experience eating fruits and vegetables that have been grown and raised on the farm organically–this means no chemical pesticide or substance throughout their life. Before the organic lunch experience, we will first learn how the local hosts and farmers grow organic vegetables, fruits and spices and raise chickens, ducks, and fishes sustainably.

Field Trip - Organic Farm

Fun fact: this organic farm uses a sustainable farming system. They commit to zero waste farming and a circular system by using animal waste to compost the soil before planting seeds. Simultaneously, they feed the animals with the plants they have raised and grown in the farm creating a never-ending renewable cycle. 

By experiencing the planting and harvesting session in this farming system, students will be able to learn about the importance of sustainability. This encourages them to develop eco-friendly skills and habits for their future. 

Our Bogor Organic Farm offers you hands-on experiences, such as feeding animals, planting seeds, as well as harvesting the fruits and vegetables. But please keep in mind that this activity is dependent on the timetable of the farm and seasons. Therefore, if you and your students wish to do as many activities as possible, contact us to discuss and maximize your field trip experience.

Discovering Bogor Biodiversity in Villa Botani

“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.”

Ever heard about that quote? It is widely used by people who do outdoor activities and blend more with nature. 

As you probably have realized, indoor activities might sound safer and easier, especially for elementary school students. But did you know that kids who spend more time outside are smarter, happier, more attentive and less anxious? This is a comparison to kids who play more inside. 

A field trip to Villa Botani will give students a breath of fresh air. Unlike most museums, Villa Botani offers students the freedom to touch anything. Students are free to lay their hands on plants, flowers, seeds and soil as long as they are under teachers’ supervision. This will engage all their senses. 

Field Trip - Botanical Garden

To let your students connect more with nature, Bogor is the perfect place to go. Our Bogor Jungle Trekking & Eco Activities Field Trip offers you a trekking journey through the forest of Mount Salak while enjoying the unspoiled nature around the area. 

A visit to Villa Botani’s organic farm and medical garden is also included! Students are able to learn about various medicinal plants and enjoy the food from the organic garden right after harvesting them.

On top of that, we can add customized group games and competitions to make your field trip more engaging and memorable for students; from climate games to an eco amazing race, the goal is to make students reflect on their daily life.

This trip is suitable for students of all ages, but you can definitely get in touch with us to discuss more about your needs and preferences. 

Rock Climbing in Bandung

PE (Physical Education) class is fun. But have you ever considered outbound activities before?

Field Trip - Rock Climbing

Outbound can be defined as a variety of activities outside the classroom, precisely in the wild or open areas. Some examples of outbound activities are flying fox, rafting, and rock climbing. Kindly keep in mind that these activities should be adjusted to the students’ age.

Just like a botanical garden, outbound lets students engage all of their senses. However, outbound activities require more energy and effort, especially rock climbing which will be discussed more in this part.

Rock climbing sounds like a tough journey. But our Bandung Karst Rock Climbing & Rappelling Trip is perfect for first-time climbers and beginners. It’s safe, fun, and accompanied by a certified tour guide. So there is nothing to worry about!

Field trip - Rock Climbing and Hammock

Moreover, rock climbing will teach students how to overcome fear and challenges–not just in rock climbing, but also life in general. This activity will also improve their problem solving skill by finding out the proper way to reach the top of the rock. 

Those are five ideas to arrange a more educational and environmentally friendly field trip! Undoubtedly, field trips are bound to be memorable for students. After spending most of their time in class–learning theories, letting them experience the world outside their daily life will help them to understand real-life situations and develop relevant skills and interests.

Nevertheless, remember to always be kind and thoughtful to our nature wherever we go. To maximize this positive impact, Bumi Journey is here to help. Do not hesitate to reach us as we will be very happy to assist you arranging your wonderful and unforgettable school field trip!

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