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Bali has an invincible magical magnet that attracts not only foreigners, but also Indonesians. The popularity of this island is not for nothing. Its countless calming and beautiful beaches, the tropical weather, the incredible underwater ecosystem, the mountain life and the strong distinctive culture.

What makes Bali very interesting, even for Indonesians, is the culture. Bali was quite isolated and that makes Hinduism stays strong even after Islam came to Indonesia. You will feel a big difference between Java and Bali.

Miraculously, this island has it all. It caters to any kind of person; a zen vegan and yoga enthusiast, waves and underwater junkie, culture and history fan to party animals. Bali is so big that everyone can find their own definition of it. But one thing for sure; Bali will leave lovely memories you cannot forget.


Bali is located in the Central Indonesia Time (WITA) (GMT+8), right next to Java island. It takes about 1.5 hours of flying or 17 hours of driving and ferry from Jakarta.

Is it for me?

We would say yes. Bali can be very generic, but also very niche, depending on what you look for in a holiday.

You can find the easiest and most chilling activity at the beaches or simply have your body relaxed and massaged in countless resorts. At the same time, you can go party at night, or surf the magnificent waves and explore the rich and colorful ocean life.


What is the food like?

Bali has its own local food with its own charm compared to the rest of Indonesia. It is still centered on rice and local herbs. Some of the foods worth trying are Nasi Campur Bali, Ayam Betutu (Chicken) and Lilit Satay.

For those of you who still want to feel like home, there are tons of restaurants serving dishes from all over the world. Bali has accustomed itself to cater needs from tourists from all over the world, so you do not need to worry!

For vegans, Bali is one of the best places to find it in Indonesia. Having Hinduism as the majority of the people’s beliefs, and being exposed to the global culture, veganism is something very familiar to Balineses.

Can I fly directly to Bali?

Absolutely. Bali has an international airport that allows you to skip Jakarta and fly directly to the island.

What show should I not miss?

On top of the list? See Tari Kecak (Kecak dance). It is a fascinating combination of mystical ritual and a group dance. This dance is predominantly done by men gathering around sitting shirtless that will leave you speechless.

When is the best time to visit?

If you think of exploring underwater life, the dry season is definitely the best time to visit as the sky is clearer and the ocean is nicer.

To avoid the crowd, the best time to visit Bali is April, May, September & October. These are the months before and after the peak season in June, July & August.

What local custom should I pay attention to?

Bali has a daily sacred routine that visitors need to be aware of. Please do not step on their daily offerings that are located everywhere in public spaces. Please do not enter any temples when you are on your period and not to make too much noise or talk rudely inside temples as almost every temple there is still actively used for praying.